Distant Lights


by Thomas Henne

About me


My name is Thomas Henne. I was born in 1966 and I'm living in Zellerndorf, a little village near Retz. Retz is a traditional town of trade and wine in the north of Lower Austria.

I was fascinated by the beauties and secrets of the universe since my childhood. But it tooks a long time until my son and I got the first telescope, a 10" Dobson.

During my internet searching how to work with our telescope, I discovered many impressing images made by amateur astronomers with telescopes and DSRLs. I became aware immediately that I want to make such impressive pictures too.

The first attempts with the 10" Newtonian, an EQ6 mount and a Canon EOS1000D looks very promising. In the meantime I have got better cameras and better equipment from ASA (Astro Systeme Austria).

Currently I'm imaging in my garden. In combination with the computer controlled ASA Direct Drive Mount this is very comfortable. However, there's only a restricted field of view due to neighboring houses and there's also some disturbing street lights and other light pollution.

I hope you enjoy my images and have fun while surfing on my website.

If you have some questions or suggestions feel free to contact me.